Local Family Pays Off Mortgage on Habitat for Humanity Home

Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity builds affordable homes for low-income residents in Riley and Pottawatomie counties. We believe that a stable, safe home is the key to a better quality of life.

Manhattan, KS – Manhattan is a wonderful community in which to raise a family. Great schools, outstanding parks & recreation facilities, city-sponsored events and a University that adds youth, talent – and let us not forget – champion sports to the mix. So many of us are drawn to this small town for these reasons. So was Tina Meek. Tina’s second child was only 10 months old when, while visiting her grandmother, Tina fell in love with Manhattan and decided that this is where she would raise her children.

Raising four children is never easy, especially so when the last two are twins. On top of that, one of those twins, Tina’s only son Andrew, is developmentally disabled. Tina always knew something was different about her beloved son and at 2 ½ years of age, doctors determined Andrew had a form of ADD. Tina knew in her mother’s heart that was not the correct diagnosis for her son and fought on his behalf for almost 5 years until doctors correctly identified her son as autistic.

Life in Manhattan changed for Tina. She put all of her effort in to raising her girls and caring for Andrew. That left little time for work, friends or money to enjoy all the amenities in our wonderful community. Still, Tina will be the first to tell you how blessed she is. Her girls are her pride and her partners in caring for their brother. Andrew is now grown and lives with his primary care giver, his mother. Tina owns a Habitat for Humanity home, a home that she can afford, and she has said that home ownership is certainly a very special blessing for her. You see, owning her home has given her peace of mind. Tina says that Andrew can get as loud as he needs to, and “if Andrew has an outburst, NO ONE can tell me to move”.

Tina still loves her hometown of Manhattan. Her cheerful spirit has not been diminished by her challenges but instead her humble example has overcome all adversity and has inspired all around her to deepen their faith and look for the blessings in life.

June 1, 2019 is that date that Tina made her last mortgage payment. The house build by Habitat for Humanity belongs only to her, free and clear. An affordable home to live in made all the difference to the Meek family and we join in them in celebration of this momentous accomplishment.

About Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity
MAHFH’s partner families are not given a home, but an opportunity to build confidence, self-worth, and responsibility through home ownership. MAHFH has partnered with Frontier Construction to build home #29 in Ogden for the Harrison family.

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